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Established in 1973 by Suhas Ralkar (a pioneer of ultrasonics in India), Ralsonics manufactures ultrasonics enhanced cleaning, processing and sieving machinery for customers spanning sixteen industrial sectors. We have several product offerings which cater to all your cleaning and processing needs.


As one of India’s oldest cleaning equipment manufacturers, Ralsonics has decades of application specific experience to help you select the best cleaning system for your purpose. Furthermore, we have constantly maintained international standards to ensure that we provide you with state-of-the-art cleaning technology at an economical price. As technology advances, there is an increasing awareness and requirement of higher cleanliness levels. We are here to help you meet your customer’s requirements.


Using our core experience in ultrasonics, Ralsonics manufactures ultrasonic processors for emerging sectors. We offer high quality benchtop lab-scale as well as industrial scale ultrasonic processors. Ralsonics’ high power ultrasonic processors can be used for application including homogenization, emulsification, de-emulsification, crystallization, degassing, filtration, extraction, defoaming and effluent treatment.


Ralsonics also manufactures ultrasonic sieving and discharging equipment for processing bulk solids and powders. These equipment provide multifold increase in the efficiency of sieving and discharging of powders or bulk material of any kind.

Our Story

Our Story

Engineering ultrasonics to have a positive impact on every aspect of human life

Ralsonics was founded in 1973 by Suhas Ralkar. After spending three years in USA and UK working on cutting edge ultrasonic technology, his passion for being a part of India’s growth journey propelled him to return to India and start Ralsonics.

Ralsonics started off by making India’s first fetal monitoring systems. These systems were provided to hospitals and doctors all over the country.

Within a year, Ralsonics started manufacturing medical ultrasonic cleaners. These were some of the first indigenous ultrasonic cleaners sold in India. Thousands of these were sold all over India.

That started the journey of innovation over decades. Ralsonics started off with one humble product and now manufactures multiple product lines catering to hundreds of applications.

Ralsonics became a prime contractor and integrator for India’s Auto, Aerospace, Nuclear and Steel industry. Multiple modernization programs were initiated by Ralsonics in these sectors to take India’s industry on par with developed nations.

Over the years, Ralsonics started manufacturing hybrid technologies in conjunction with ultrasonics for scale removal, processing, wastewater treatment and sieving.

Currently, Ralsonics is a provider of ultrasonics for sixteen industrial sectors with products ranging from compact ultrasonic cleaners to large fully automated multistage vacuum cleaning systems.

Positivity : We successfully overcome the toughest of challenges with a smile

Ownership : We are accountable to meet and exceed commitments

Creativity : We are problem solvers and innovators

Process Orientation : We work systematically for continuous and steady growth

Continuous Improvement : We get better at what we do every single day

Integrity : We embody trust and faith