Food and Beverages

Ultrasonic Cleaning Applications


Since 1973, Ralsonics has been supplying ultrasonic cleaning equipment of all sizes spanning 15 industries. Our equipment is known for its reliability. We fully understand the requirements and processes of our customers before specifying any equipment for use. Owing to over four decades of experience in ultrasonic cleaning, we have learned and developed best practices for cleaning components in each industry.

Food and Beverages

The food and beverage industry requires very high cleanliness standards owing to the direct impact on the health of consumers. The cleanliness levels of parts and equipment used for processing and dispensing food, supplements and beverages are high risk and critical. In such conditions, keeping costs down becomes difficult. Using ultrasonic cleaning, the labor costs as well as time required both reduce drastically. Furthermore, the quality of cleaning is enhanced. The typical contaminants removed by ultrasonics are soot, grime, food residues, oil, grease, syrups and germ contamination. Ultrasonic cleaning is much more effective and safer than traditional cleaning methods.


Furthermore, this industry requires enormous usage of water and chemicals. Ultrasonic cleaning being an eco-friendly process helps drastically reduce the requirement.


Ralsonics’ ultrasonic cleaners are well known in the industry to provide ultra-fast and thorough cleaning for food and beverages parts and equipment ranging from filling valves to coffee brewing machines. Ralsonics has a large range of products (multistage all purpose cleaners, ultrasonic cleaners), catering to every possible component that needs to be cleaned in the food and beverage industry.

“The easiest way to thoroughly clean food and beverages equipment is ultrasonic cleaning”

Impact of Ralsonics’ automated cleaners in the food and beverages industry

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Ultrasonic cleaning can be used for the following applications:

  • Emission free degreasing
  • Fruit and vegetable cleaning
  • Fully automated cleaning and handling
  • Food handling and processing equipment cleaning
  • Cleaning any item that comes in contact with food or beverages

Here is a short list of parts that are typically cleaned using Ralsonics’ ultrasonic cleaners

Commercial kitchen equipment

Food and beverage dispensers

Cooking utensils and knives

Meat and food processing tools

Molds and plastic crates


Water coolers

Mobile food bins

Cooking, cooling and storage trays

Stainless steel mesh aprons and gloves

Crystal, china, ceramics, glass

Food conveyors

Filling valves