Ultrasonic Cleaning Applications


Since 1973, Ralsonics has been supplying ultrasonic cleaning equipment of all sizes spanning 15 industries. Our equipment is known for its reliability. We fully understand the requirements and processes of our customers before specifying any equipment for use. Owing to over four decades of experience in ultrasonic cleaning, we have learned and developed best practices for cleaning components in each industry.

Medical industry

The medical industry is one industry where cleanliness is a necessity, not a quality improvement tool. The reliability of instruments and prosthetics used in the medical industry is human life-critical. Even traces of contamination left behind can have a huge impact on safety. Organic matter can be deposited on medical instruments by any patient or employee that touches it. Bacterial biofilms could be formed which increase infection risk. The medical industry must maintain high standards of cleaning for all instruments. Reliable and precise cleaning is necessary to protect patients from pathogenic infections.


The conventional method of cleaning is using high pressure and steam in an autoclave. However, a lot of instruments cannot be cleaned this way due to the possibility of heat damage or steam not reaching every internal surface of intricate tools. With the medical industry moving towards minimally invasive techniques of surgery, instruments are becoming more complex. Ultrasonic cleaning is ideal for the medical industry in comparison to other cleaning techniques as devices and instruments used in the human body have a requirement for removal of microscopic contamination and residual chemicals, not heavy stains. Furthermore, ultrasonic cleaning is recommended as the cleaning method of choice by the World Health Organization (WHO). Ultrasonic cleaners generate cavitation bubbles in the cleaning bath which help in removing contaminants like carbon, grease, chemical residues, bacteria and fungi with extreme precision.


Ralsonics’ ultrasonic cleaners are well known in the industry to provide ultra-fast and thorough cleaning for medical components ranging from implants to endotracheal tubes. Ralsonics has a large range of products (vacuum powered multistage all-purpose cleaners, ultrasonic cleaners), catering to every possible component that needs to be cleaned in the medical industry.

“Ultrasonic cleaning is the international best practice for surgical instrument cleaning before sterilization”

Impact of Ralsonics’ automated cleaners in the medical industry

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Ultrasonic cleaning can be used for the following applications:

  • Special cleaning of cannulated instruments
  • Preparation for surgery
  • Pre-sterilization cleaning for removing organic or inorganic contaminants
  • Cleaning ortho and surgical instruments and tools
  • Reprocessing of instruments
  • Removal of microbial contamination and debris from soiled instruments, especially in the inaccessible areas
  • Complete cleaning in microscopic surface fissures and interstices
  • Removal of scale and biologics built up on instruments
  • Removal of blood and protein from instruments and tools in analytical labs
  • Cleaning substrates in the early stage of 3D printing medical implants

Here is a short list of parts that are typically cleaned using Ralsonics’ ultrasonic cleaners

Surgical instruments





Periodontal probes

Mouth Mirrors



Bone Screws

Surgical Blades and Needles


Cutting Dies


Contact Lenses

Biopsy Needles

Cranial Drills

Acupuncture tools

Intraocular surgical instruments

Suction tips

Endotracheal tubes