Ultrasonic Processing Applications


Since the last 20 years, Ralsonics has been manufacturing ultrasonic processors for developing new applications in emerging sectors. With Ralsonics, you can develop the required process for your application with the help of our lab scale processors. We will then help you scale up to industrial scale processors that are designed for your specific process. Ralsonic’s industrial processors have hundreds of applications, all of which lead to cost savings, higher quality products and increased productivity.

Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals and Medical Cannabis Industry

This sector is critical for the health of a country. Effective medication has increased the expected lifetime of human beings throughout the world. However, a large number of drugs currently produced have poor solubility in water. As a result, the effect of the drug is significantly delayed due to low bio availability.


To overcome this problem, nano particles and other nano carriers are being used. Ultrasonic processors are required to produce uniform nano particles. A drug which has faster desired impact is advantageous in terms of its potency and marketable benefits.


Ultrasonic processing is also used in extraction of cannabinoids and terpene for medical purposes. This can be stored in the form of nano emulsions that are soluble in water.

“Ralsonics’ ultrasonic horn finds applications in wet milling, ultrasonic extraction, powder sieving as well as ultrasonic drug delivery for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry”

Impact of Ralsonics’ ultrasonic processors in the pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals industry


Ultrasonic processing can be used for the following applications:

  • Improve speed and impact of drug delivery in the body
  • Improve bio availability of key nutrients
  • Enhance nutrition of food and beverages
  • Extend shelf life of products
  • Destroy food borne pathogens
  • Improved product yield

Short list of products typically produced using Ralsonics’ ultrasonic processors



Medical Marijuana Extracts

Nutritional Products