Large Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

Ralsonics’ large ultrasonic cleaners are designed to operate in harsh industrial environments where heavy duty cleaning is a requirement. They are all purpose cleaners which drastically save time, labour and chemical costs. All contaminants can be removed by these cleaners while adhering to strict requirements of different industrial sectors.

When to use this?

Industrial level cleaning

Precision cleaning requirements

Standard Models

Model No. Ultrasonic Power (W) Maximum Part Size
(L X B X H) (mm)
Tank Volume (Liters)
RLUC-1000 1000 550 X 450 X 350 110
RLUC-2000 2000 850 X 550 X 450 250
RLUC-5000 5000 1100 X 800 X 500 625
RLUC-12000 12000 1400 X 1100 X 1100 2100
RLUC-15000 15000 1400 X 1100 X 1100 2100


Stainless steel tanks

Cavitation resistant long life tanks

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Clean inaccessible areas easily

Digital Temperature Control

Set and control the process temperature

Digital Timer

Set and control the process time


Easily scalable for larger volumes

Heavy Duty Casters

Equipment can be moved wherever required

Optional Features

Pump Filtration Module

Continuous removal of contamination from the system

Pressure Spray Washing

Remove gross contamination easily


Ensure complete liquid penetration for ultrasonics to be effective

Pneumatic Basket Control

Automated part handling vertically and horizontally

Rotating Basket

Ideal for cleaning small parts


Remove any chemicals used for cleaning


Cleaned and dried parts ready for the next stage


Rapidly dislodge gross contamination

Oil Removal Systems

Continuous removal of oil from the system

Stainless Steel Covers

Longer lasting equipment in industrial environments

Multi-frequency Ultrasonics

Handle different types of contamination

Ultrasonic Sweep

Higher efficiency of cleaning


Completely automated process control

Automatic dosing

Automated chemical handling

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