Sonicator With Chiller

Ralsonics’ chilled ultrasonic cleaners are specially designed for processes that require low temperatures. They consist of an inbuilt chiller unit that helps with hands free control of temperature rise due to ultrasonics. In case solvents having low boiling points are used, the chiller helps reduce evaporation losses to the atmosphere.

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When to use this?

Low temperature cleaning requirement

Expensive solvents used for cleaning


Inbuilt Chiller

Maintain low processing temperatures

Stainless steel tanks

Cavitation resistant long life tanks

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Clean inaccessible areas easily

Digital Temperature Control

Set and control the process temperature

Digital Timer

Set and control the process time


Easily scalable for larger volumes

Optional Features

Pump Filtration Modules

Continuous removal of contamination from the system

Stainless Steel Covers

Longer lasting equipment

Multi-frequency Ultrasonics

Handle different types of contamination

Ultrasonic Sweep

Higher efficiency of cleaning


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