Case Study – Sonication for Pharmaceutical Solutions

Case Study – Sonication for Pharmaceutical Solutions

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A fully integrated pharmaceutical organization having a global presence. The organization is primarily working on the CMO (contract manufacturing organization) and CDMO (contract development and manufacturing organization) business of pharmaceutical preparations in various dosage forms.


  • The customer is processing a large number of liquid samples on a daily basis
  • They are looking to improve the process on the following parameters:
    • Speed up reaction
    • Improve the output of the reaction
    • Improve the catalyst performance
    • Improve the reactivity of the reagents
    • Improve the synthesis of the particles used
  • A huge variety of samples are to be sonicated simultaneously
  • The samples are placed in beakers, vials and flasks of various sizes
  • A robust equipment is required to effectively sonicate samples daily without any breakdown
  • Ralsonics was chosen to manufacture this equipment due to long standing track record of manufacturing reliable and high quality sonicators for the pharmaceutical sector


Ralsonics’ Solution

  • Ralsonics’ design team gained a complete understanding of the varieties and volume of containers that were to be sonicated daily
  • Based on this, a customized holding fixture was designed
  • The designs were iterated and improved upon after customer inputs were provided
  • The sonication equipment was designed specifically for the processing volume of the customer
  • Necessary features were added to ensure that consistent and cold-spot free sonication takes place throughout the bath
  • The equipment took into account the special requirements of customers in the pharmaceutical sector



  • The scientists using the equipment were very satisfied with the sonication observed
  • Complete IQ, OQ, PQ protocols were observed and implemented to the satisfaction of the scientists
  • Orders for more such equipment were placed within 2 months


Customer Comments

“The sonication observed in this equipment is far more than what we were using previously”

Other applications of this solution


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