Spray Washing

Ralsonics Spray Washer is a cutting-edge cleaning system designed to deliver unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness in tackling the toughest industrial cleaning challenges. Engineered with precision and equipped with advanced features, this high-performance machine is the ideal choice for industries seeking optimal cleanliness and productivity.

Ralsonics Spray Washers are designed for efficient cleaning of industrial parts with pressurized heat, water, and biodegradable detergents. Ralsonics Spray Washers have low operating costs and heavy-duty construction. The Ralsonics spray washer removes oil, grease, and production slag from the surface of parts. The structure and body are all made of stainless steel.

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When To Use It

Heavy Contamination

Manufacturing Facilities

Printing Industry

Oil and Gas Facilities

Recycling Facilities


Textile and Apparel Industry

Metal Fabrication

Plastics and Rubber Manufacturing


Key Features

Stainless Steel Body

Automatic Pneumatic Door

Vapor Extraction

PLC Controls

Motorized Turn Table

Spray Nozzles


Adjustable Pressure Settings

Multiple Nozzle Options

Temperature Control

Industries using Spray Washers



Aerospace and Aviation


Food Processing


Marine and Offshore

Medical and Healthcare

Metal Fabrication


Spray Washing Application

Waste and Recycling Equipment

Marine and Offshore Equipment

Agricultural Machinery Parts

Plastics and Rubber Components

Automotive Parts

Industrial Machinery Components

Electronics and PCBs


Pharmaceutical Equipment

Textile and Apparel Cleaning


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