Ultrasonic Tube Resonator

Ralsonics’ tube resonators are the most powerful ultrasonic cleaning tools available in the market. They are specially designed for the most demanding applications requiring high throughput, high efficiency cleaning and extreme environmental conditions.

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  1. Radial transmission of ultrasonics – Surface mounted ultrasonics is unidirectional
  2. Near perfect transmission – Ultrasonics can be provided wherever required instead of only bottom or sides
  3. Long life – Up to three times the life of traditional ultrasound
  4. Resistant to harsh environments – Can be installed in vacuum as well as high pressure tanks
  5. Retrofit – Can be retrofitted easily to your existing tanks

Ralsonics’ tube resonators can also be used for industrial sonochemistry applications as well as for wastewater and sewage treatment applications.

When to use this?

Retrofitting in existing tanks

Harsh and demanding industrial environments

Vacuum conditions

Powerful cleaning requirements

Using ultrasonic in multiple tanks


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