Ultrasonics In The Plating Industry

Ultrasonics In The Plating Industry

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Coatings or treatments on metallic surfaces are used in the plating industry to change the characteristics of the components and prevent corrosion. If any impurities are present on the surface of the metal before the process, the coating will not function effectively. Furthermore, particle contamination will cause the layer to be uneven.

To achieve a successful metal finishing procedure, it is necessary to clean the underlying metal surfaces thoroughly. Ultrasonic industrial cleaning machines can assist in cleaning all types of components effectively.

Ultrasonic cleaning

In simple words, ultrasonics are sound vibrations of greater frequency than human hearing limits. The use of this phenomenon in industrial plating is quite interesting. These sound waves lead to the formation of cavitation in liquids. This cavitation helps remove all the particle contamination like metal dust, machining leftovers as well as soluble contamination like oil, grease, and even bacteria.

The process of Ultrasonics

To define the process, understand how the ultrasonics takes place.

  1. An ultrasonic generator delivers high-frequency electrical impulses to the transducer submerged in the cleaning solution.
  2. The transducer’s surface vibrates at an ultrasonic frequency, causing ultrasonic waves to propagate through the liquid solution.
  3. Thousands of tiny bubbles form in reaction to the transducer’s vibration, bringing the object closer and penetrating any cracks and crevices.
  4. The impurities and other particles are forced to loosen from the object’s surface by the tiny cavitation bubbles.
  5. The procedure typically takes ten to fifteen minutes, but it might take longer depending on the type and amount of impurities to be eliminated.


Why go for ultrasonics?

Ultrasonics helps in achieving superior metal finishing. It aids in better cleaning, by eliminating micro contamination with the help of high-speed vibrations, produced by the sonic waves. It is far more reliable than conventional methods.

Why Ralsonics?

Ralsonics has decades of experience working with plating plant manufacturers as well as end-users requiring surface treatment. Along with in-house knowledge, Ralsonics also has strong partnerships with plating consultants and plating chemical manufacturers ensuring that we can setup entire surface finishing plants of any size on a turnkey basis. This coupled with our experience in setting up fully automated plants ensures that your surface finishing setup is designed, manufactured and commissioned by technical experts who are well versed in global best practices.

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