Ultrasonic Bath Sonicator

Ralsonics’ compact ultrasonic cleaners are designed for small items in small batches. They remove contamination from complicated parts which are hard to access by manual cleaning with damage. They can also be used for degassing solvents and dispersing solid samples. Being relatively inexpensive and compact, they are ideal for professional maintenance cleaning.

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When to use this?

Economical hands free cleaning requirement

Small items and occasional cleaning

Standard Models

Model No. Ultrasonic Power (W) Tank Size Internal
(L X B X H) (mm)
Tank Volume (Liters)
RCC-100 100 300 * 151 * 150 5.7
RCC-200 200 300 * 240 * 200 12.5
RCC-300 300 505 * 300 * 150 19
RCC-500 500 505 * 300 * 200 28


Stainless steel tanks

Cavitation resistant long life tanks

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Clean inaccessible areas easily

Digital Timer

Set and control the process time

Stainless Steel Covers

Longer lasting equipment

Optional Features

Multi-frequency Ultrasonics

Handle different types of contamination

Ultrasonic Sweep

Higher efficiency of cleaning


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