Vapor Degreaser

Ralsonics’ vapor degreasers are compact units designed for washing, rinsing and drying of parts in a single tank system. Optional ultrasonics can be provided for removal of both inorganic as well as organic contamination in a single unit. Vapor degreasing is a proven technique where aqueous cleaning is not adequate or can lead to damage to the parts to be cleaned.

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When to use this?

Economical degreasing

Complete oil removal


Vapor Degreasing

Most effective oil removal technique

Stainless steel tanks

Cavitation resistant long life tanks

Digital Temperature Control

Set and control the process temperature

Digital Timer

Set and control the process time

Optional Features

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Clean inaccessible areas easily

Rotating Basket

Ideal for cleaning small parts

Stainless Steel Covers

Longer lasting equipment in industrial environments


Completely automated process control


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