Case Study – Precision Cleaning of Components before Vacuum Brazing

Case Study – Precision Cleaning of Components before Vacuum Brazing

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R&D focused organization manufacturing components made of advanced materials having applications in lasers and particle physics.


  • The customer is manufacturing very high value components (50 lakh to 2 crore rupees each)
  • The components have to undergo vacuum brazing.
  • Pre-cleaning of components is required
  • If components are not ultra clean before vacuum brazing, process failure is a high possibility
  • In case of process failure, the component cannot be salvaged. This is a high-risk situation demanding absolutely reliable and repeatable ultrasonic cleaning
  • Scientists at the firm decided to hire Ralsonics to build a multistage ultrasonic cleaning machines to perform the cleaning process
  • Ralsonics was chosen for this application considering our long-standing experience in developing specialized ultrasonic cleaning lines using an amalgamation of cleaning technologies.

Ralsonics’ Solution

  • Ralsonics designed a multistage ultrasonic cleaning system which provided both aqueous ultrasonic cleaning as well as flammable solvent based ultrasonic cleaning
  • Working hand in hand with customer scientists, Ralsonics developed a four-stage ultrasonic cleaning system.
  • The first stage included aqueous spray cleaning, cleaning with Ralsonics’ ultrasonic tube resonators and air agitation.
  • A pump filtration unit was provided to remove particle contamination
  • A separate storage tank with baffles and oil skimming facility was also provided for removal of soluble contamination like oil and grease
  • The second stage included a rotating basket with high pressure water rinsing facility to remove the cleaning chemical from the components
  • Ralsonics’ advanced multi-fluid spraying feature was provided for powerful spray rinsing
  • The third stage incorporated ultrasonic cleaning with tube resonators in IPA (flammable solvent). The equipment was designed to handle flammable solvents. Multiple advanced sensors were provided to ensure operator safety.
  • The fourth stage included hot air drying with HEPA filtered air. This ensured complete removal of all vapor traces


  • Customer specified cleaning standards were obtained with this ultrasonic cleaning line
  • Scientists at the customer site were very satisfied by the equipment
  • The versatility of the equipment ensured that it was used for cleaning of a wide variety of products in the facility

Customer Comments

“You are using very high-end pumps! Most suppliers don’t provide this level of quality purchase parts”

Other applications of this solution

  • Pre-coating cleaning application
  • Optical cleaning applications
  • Cleaning of any components with soluble (oil, grease) and insoluble (particles, dust) contamination

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