Ultrasonic Horn Processors

Ralsonics’ industrial ultrasonic processors are powerful tools for large scale 24X7 processing. Multiple processors can be connected in series or parallel to scale up to any volume required. Our efficient processors ensure that processing time is minimized ensuring much lower processing costs. All our industrial processors are customized to your exact requirements ensuring zero compromise on your process.

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  1. Homogenization
  2. Reduction of particle sizes
  3. Dispersion
  4. Sonochemistry
  5. Deagglomeration
  6. Disintegration


Auto-tuning frequency

Microprocessor controlled frequency

Digital Timer

Set and control the process time

Optional Features

Adjustable power

Control ultrasonicator power for different applications.

Burst/pulse mode

Prevent hot zones in temperature sensitive samples

Additional tips

Complete control over all process variations required

Flow cell

Sonicate larger volumes

Water Cooled Transducer

Increase transducer life for higher power

Coloured touchscreen

Access all features easily

Temperature control

Set and control the process temperature

Programmable Control

Complete control over all process parameters

Foot switch

Prevent transducer overheating in high power applications


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