Case Study – Fully automated cleaning of small brass components in mass production

Case Study – Fully automated cleaning of small brass components in mass production


A large manufacturer (established in the 1960s) of small complex brass components.


  • The customer is manufacturing delicate brass components with blind holes in mass production.
  • 15 lakh components are produced on a daily basis.
  • Due to the sheer volumes being produced, it is impossible to have any manual cleaning technique for the components.
  • Batch type parts cleaning systems are not economical.
  • Traditional conveyorized systems are ineffective as blind holes are not cleaned properly in these systems.

Ralsonics’ Solution

  • Ralsonics designed a screw conveyorized industrial cleaning equipment with separate drums for each cleaning stage.
  • Components were placed in continuous rotating motion wherein they were dipped, filled and emptied with the cleaning solution multiple times in each stage.
  • This ensured complete penetration of cleaning solution in the blind holes
  • 6 stage industrial machine, fully automated with drying unit included
  • Components are loaded in the loading drum and fully cleaned and dried components are unloaded from the unloading drum


  • Near-zero rejection rate
  • Lakhs of components cleaned per shift with zero manual intervention
  • 11 such equipment purchased by the customer for the entire plant

Customer Comments

“The quality of Ralsonics’ equipment is much better than others. The machines work perfectly as designed.”

Other applications of this solution

  • Cleaning of mass-produced high volume small components in brass, stainless steel and aluminum
  • Cleaning of small high-volume components requiring heat treatment

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